Tools and tips

Fundraising Tips

#1:  Personalising your fundraising page

It is a great idea to personalise your fundraising page to share your story far and wide. 

  • Edit your story to tell your supporters why you are plunging for Heart Kids. 
  • Set a fundraising goal – you will be surprised how much money you will be able to raise’
  • Click to share your page via Facebook or email - we have prewritten an email for you to send to your networks telling them the awesome thing you are doing.

#2: Make the first gift count…

Research has shown that donors tend to follow the lead of the first donation. What this means is that if you are able to set the first donation amount, either through donating anonymously to yourself or asking someone for a specific gift amount, you’ll be setting up your later donors to follow this lead.

#3: Tell your supporters what your fundraising goal is

They will be more likely to donate generously and help you reach your target! 

#4: Are you plunging as part of a work team?

Ask your employer to dollar match the donations on your fundraising page, or ask if you could hold an in-office event to help get those donations. Have a One Day Leave Raffle, Bad Hair Day or Lift Ban to increase your donations. 

#5: Send a personalised email

Social media is an awesome tool to use when asking for donations, but email works best! Your supporters will prefer getting a personalised email from you, and this also gives you the chance to share your story and tell people why you are supporting Heart Kids. 

#6: Let people know how much to donate! 

Show them how meaningful each donation is to Heart Kids:

  • $5, will provide information brochures to expectant parents of a heart child to let them know the services Heart Kids provides
  • $10, will provide a parent or caregiver with a nutritious meal whilst being with their heart child in hospital
  • $25 will provide family members with resource books to learn more about various childhood heart defects and how to prepare for the change in lifestyle.
  • $35 will gift a Maia Teddy Bear for a heart child once they have had their first open heart surgery.
  • $1000 will pay for a heart child to go to our specialised camp. Camp Bravehearts for children aged 8 – 12 and Camp Teen Beat for 13 – 17 year olds.

#7: Increase your fundraising goal

If you hit your target, or you are less than $100 away from reaching it – increase it! If people think you are close to meeting your target they may not donate the $200 they were going to if you are only $75 off your goal.

#8: Thank your donors!

There is an easy function on your Everyday Hero fundraising page to write a message of thanks to each of your supporters, use it and show them how much you appreciate them! 

Perfect Plunge Plan

#1: Your feet will be the first place where you feel the cold, so grab yourself some merino socks! These will keep your feet toasty warm in the 100 water, and you can incorporate them into any costume for a great look! 

#2: Pick your team’s favourite catchy tune to have playing while it is your turn in the tub! 

If you have something fun to sing and dance along to, the 360 seconds will go much faster! Let us know what song you pick, we will make sure it is playing for you. 

#3: Relax! If you are tense and your muscles are clenched, the 100 will seem more like -100.

Trick your mind into thinking you are having a lovely hot bubble bath, this will help you relax and get through the 360 seconds easier! 

#4: Distractions! Think of something to distract yourself while the 360 seconds tick away. Think about your weekend plans or try and divide 35813 by 254. Anything helps! 

#5: Stay still! You may think moving around will help you to stay warm but it ends up moving the icy water around and feels colder than what it actually is. If you stay still your body will warm up the water a few millimetres around your body. It’s worth it 

#6: If all else fails, splash your team mates. Yes - you’ll be cold and will get even more wet but how often do we get the chance to act like a kid again? 


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