Why take the plunge?

These little fighters face Heart Stopping Challenges

Each year 550 major heart surgeries are performed on children and babies with heart defects. In some cases babies, as new as a week old have life-saving surgery on their little hearts that are the size of a walnut. Whilst these surgeries can save a child’s life, they can’t always fix a broken heart. There simply is no cure for a childhood heart defect.

During surgery, a child’s chest cavity can be filled with an icy slush to slow the heart’s requirement for oxygen, which can help give the surgeon a longer window of operating time. With heart surgeries being performed on tiny hearts every single day, anything that can help these fighters get through their massive challenges is crucial.

The 360 Heart Stopper Challenge celebrates these brave children, and aims to spread awareness and provide lifelong support for those who battle childhood heart defects. Whilst these children have been through extreme challenges, all we ask of you is to sit in some chilled 10 degree water for 360 seconds – with just a few chunks of ice for effect!

Funds raised through these events will be used to support heart children and their families in local communities across the country.

The 360 Heart Stopper Challenge is free to enter and requires no athletic prowess - just brave and passionate people who are willing to have a little heart for these small fighters!


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